Boss Equity Value Accelerator™ - Helping you dramatically increase growth and profitability to prepare you for acquisition or sale

Boss Equity Value Accelerator

Objective of the service


The objective of the Boss Equity Value Accelerator Service™ (EVA) is to partner with our clients to increase their rate of profitable growth.  We do this by harnessing our collective knowledge and wealth of business experience, as well as utilising the skills of a network of top industry specialists. We can facilitate the successful execution of your plans across the following regions - Europe, UK, USA and Asia Pac.

Phase I


The Boss Equity Value Accelerator Service™ has two phases. Phase I comprises of the Equity Value Assessment, which is conducted by senior executives from Document Boss and examines in depth, key elements within the client company, including:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Engine
  • Management Leverage
  • M&A Exit Strategy


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Phase II


The second phase of the service is to address the issues uncovered in the assessment and to work closely with the senior management of the client company to accelerate profitable growth with a view to acquisition. Throughout the service, Document Boss will work with the senior management to assist in priming the company for acquisition or sale. For further information and to receive a copy of the “Boss Equity Wheel” please click here