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The Horrors of Recruitment Agencies

Many executives find dealing with recruitment agencies very frustrating. The horror stories are all too common. They seem to charge the earth but deliver very little. In general, the reputation of recruitment agencies casts such a dark shadow that many companies refuse to use such services.

Why does it go so wrong?

Recruitment is unfortunately, an industry that is easy to enter and has, as a result of disreputable agencies, gained a poor reputation. Many such agencies are looking for easy money and are not prepared to put in the determined and focussed effort required to achieve the results clients need. A major reason for the poor quality of service is that the agencies rarely have the best people on their books. They also have only a superficial knowledge of the businesses they serve; many are little more than conduits of CV’s and resumes because they don’t understand their clients’ requirements and do not have the processes or knowledge to execute.

Boss Executive Search™

No other single factor has a greater affect upon the success of your company than the expertise of your employees. Because of our ability to maintain relationships with the most talented executives in the industry, Document Boss is able to deliver candidates with flair - Executives who will not sit on the books of recruitment agents. Our unique positioning (due to our M&A services) and processes that have been continually improved and developed since 1999, enable us to deliver when others fail. We attribute our success to the following:

  • Management that has been in the industry for a combined total of 120+ years
  • Top candidates who will not normally work with any recruitment agency
  • Our ability to track the careers of the most talented executives in our industry over many years
  • A recruitment qualification process that uncovers the truth
  • The largest database of industry executives in the world
  • Our ability to take references from people not given by the candidate

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