Boss Mergers & Acquisitions™ - Mergers & Acquisitions for “smart” growth

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Boss Mergers & Acquisitions™ - Mergers & Acquisitions for “smart” growth


Why do companies need M&A assistance?

Mergers and acquisitions form an important strategic part of business. Acquisitions are a fast and effective way to expand. Why, then, do so many deals fail? According to studies, more than 50% fail to deliver their expected value. Many companies fail to even make their planned acquisition and, as a consequence, their business strategy and their earnings suffers. One simple answer is that too many companies “shoot from the hip”. They often rely on conventional wisdom and guesswork, instead of hard-nosed analysis and discipline. They suffer from keyhole vision, believing they are seeing all the acquisition opportunities that they should. So often the senior executives within the company get carried along like a runaway train, expectations are overhyped, the truth is uncovered too late in the process and soon the deal turns into something that has little chance of achieving its anticipated results.

Some Common Problems
  • Keyhole vision fails to deliver the “Right” opportunities to achieve business/ shareholder goals
  • A failure to uncover the truth about acquisition targets (until too late)
  • Wasted time and money spent on looking at opportunities that should have been qualified out early in the M&A process
  • Lack of an effective M&A strategy due to poor and out of date market intelligence
  • Search processes that should never have been started that waste time and money looking for a “five legged sheep”
What is the alternative?

Document Boss provides a service to companies in the ECM, BPM & BPO technology sector, designed to reduce their risk and maximise their likelihood of success. Boss Mergers & Acquisitions™ service has achieved outstanding levels of success for companies wishing to acquire or divest. This has been possible due to the following:

  • A laser-like focus on the ECM, BPM & BPO sector
  • The largest and most in-depth “knowledge bank” of profiled companies from this industry
  • Unrivalled market intelligence
  • A network of trusted top senior executives/ business leaders
  • Tested M&A processes that drive success

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