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Considering Selling Your Business?

Just One Chance!


No company sets out to do a bad deal, yet we all know the facts; failures are rampant, and unfortunately, commonplace for both buyers and sellers.

Good deals are a combination of strategy, opportunity and execution. If you are looking to divest your company, it is most important that you get it right first time - as you only do it once.

Some common problems:


  • No strategic M&A plan or a poor quality, strategic exit plan
  • Protecting confidentiality to ensure that competitors, clients and employees do no get wind of the exit plan
  • Starting the exit process too late; to get it right, you need considerable time and planning.
  • Maintaining focus on your core business so performance does not suffer; letting the business slide while you deal with potential buyers is a common mistake that can have disastrous consequences
  • Wrong price, wrong timing. This could either be pitched too high or conversely, you could be under-valuing your business and fail to realise its true equity value 
  • Sorting the timewasters and the tyre kickers from the serious buyers
  • Inability to find the right buyers
  • Negotiations break down after time, money and effort have been invested in a sales process in which the end result is precisely nothing.
  • Poor presentation of the true assets of the business
  • DIY selling of the business is rarely successful and failure is due to a combination of the above problems
Selling your business


Achieving maximum value for your ECM, BPM or BPO business is almost certainly going to be from a purchaser within the industry. In order for this to happen, a true specialist is required, one who really knows the sector and has the ability to handle the sale on your behalf. Your specialist must also understand the technologies and the market dynamics and be able to work internationally. Document Boss is unique in possessing all of these attributes.

Document Boss will:


  • Ensure that your business is highlighted to the organisations that can best leverage value from your company
  • Provide you with the experience of an M&A management team with more than 120 years' experience - specifically in this sector
  • Afford you international reach
  • Leverage a “Knowledge Bank” and database of 6,000+ profiled companies and 22,000+ senior executives - The largest in the world  in this sector. Nobody has a better network or more knowledge.
  • Give you frank and honest feedback throughout the assignment from exit strategy creation to post acquisition integration

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