What our customers say?

“Having first worked unsuccessfully with 2 other M&A firms, we were introduced to Document Boss; one of the things that set Document Boss apart was their process driven and persistent approach, ensuring that we were only introduced to interested buyers. Our particular M&A process proved to be a challenging affair and we sometimes had doubts that we would reach a successful outcome. However, Document Boss never gave up and continued to bring potential buyers to visit our offices in Slovenia, ultimately, securing a deal for us, which made us part of a much larger organization. 

This had been our primary objective from the outset, as we wanted to mitigate company risk and secure the investment of our clients as well as accelerate our global expansion and reach. The whole transaction was well managed by Document Boss and I would be happy to introduce them to any other company who are considering selling their business as they were the company who got the deal done.” 

Elvis Pacelat, President & CEO


"Document Boss supported us in the sale of a non-strategic business unit in a highly focused and professional way. The project duration was about 9 months.

In all project phases - from preparation of promotional literature to outreach, utilising Document Boss’ excellent network of potential buyers, throughout due diligence and deal moderation - we benefited from Document Boss’ full spectrum of software industry and M&A expertise.

In addition, they exhibited good business practise, demonstrating pragmatism, transparency and strategic thinking in their work, which pretty much met our needs as a medium sized software company. The result fully met our expectation regarding valuation and we can therefore, highly recommend the services of Document Boss."
Gernot Sagl, CFO (Board)
Beta Systems Software AG


“After 21 years of trading, the directors of Godiva Imaging Limited began to look into the potential of selling the business. We were aware of Document Boss from several recommendations and, after a preliminary meeting with CEO, Mark Edwards, Document Boss commenced representation for us.

Never losing focus of the value of the company to prospective buyers, Document Boss quickly dismissed window shoppers and successfully concluded the sale to The PHS Group on October 4th 2012.

Throughout the whole process - Company Profile, outreach, negotiations, due diligence and sale completion - Document Boss’ professionalism and ‘handholding’ was second to none.  

With Document Boss partnering the whole project, Godiva directors were free to spend more time on business development, thus increasing the turnover and profitability of the company, which was reflected in the final purchase price.

Following their exemplary professionalism and indefectible commitment, I would recommend Document Boss to any buyer or seller within the marketplace.”

Neil Hedges, Managing Director
Godiva Imaging Limited


“Following a decision by the Filing Plus Board to sell our business, we contacted Document Boss to assist in the transaction. Having known Mark Edwards, Document Boss CEO, for a number of years, we believed he was best placed in the industry to not only act on our behalf within the marketplace but also, to ensure we received fair value for our business. During the sale there were two critical factors that had to be addressed; with one business partner exiting, his main focus was on the monetary settlement, whereas the partner who was to remain with the business, required the takeover company to be focused on supplementing existing business services.

Document Boss created a comprehensive profile about Filing Plus and submitted it to potential buyers in the industry, generating interest from 19 organisations. Throughout the entire process we were accompanied by Document Boss’ representatives and we eventually shortlisted 4 companies to progress. From the outset, Document Boss were very clear with all interested parties about the expected sale price, thus ensuring that we sifted genuine interest from timewasters at an early stage.

A deal was signed in January 19th 2012 with the EDM Group who filled all criteria stipulated by Filing Plus partners.

Throughout the process, Document Boss were supportive and their depth of experience within the industry, ensured that we located the right buyer at the right price. All facets of their work were exemplary, during what is generally a highly emotional time for sellers of a small business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Document Boss’ services to other companies, whether buying or selling.”

Guy Spragg, Managing Director
Filing Plus


“We selected Document Boss as our partner to acquire technology and or companies to expand our solution portfolio and our markets, both domestic and abroad. Throughout the process, Document Boss were supportive and their depth of experience within the industry, ensured that we located the right match. We would have no hesitation in recommending Document Boss’ services to other companies.”

Met vriendelijke groet/ kind regards,

Nienke den Hartog, Marketing Manager
VDD IQware B.V.


“Document Boss has proven to be a reliable and successful partner for us. Thanks to Document Boss we have acquired a strategic product which we have successfully incorporated into our existing product suite. This has helped us to build a position of strength in the German market and to expand into other countries. The Document Boss network has also supplied a number of key staff to us. We enjoy working with Document Boss; they think, act and are with us!”

John Hoogland, CEO
Pallas Athena


“The people from Document Boss listen and act in a direct way on their client’s instruction. They waste no time with red herrings, bringing only a small number of real contenders to the purchase process. This keeps the sale of business simple and the process quick, but most importantly, allows the vendor’s management to continue to grow the value of their sales proposition. In the case of Digital Vision this enabled our management team to add an extra slice of shareholder value after the sale as a result of balance sheet adjustments. This was entirely due to Document Boss creating a very short and efficient sales cycle.”
Dennis Wright, Managing Director
Digital Vision


“Working with Document Boss was a pleasant experience. At Anubex, we are glad to have chosen Document Boss for our project and impressed by the speed with which they were able to bring the right party to the negotiation table. From start to finish, they stayed very close to Anubex, offering professional advice which facilitated the expected objective.”
Louis Heymans, Managing Director


“Document Boss has proven to be a very ethical and reliable firm, providing important M&A Services to the ECM industry. They understand the global ECM space extremely well and have key contacts throughout the sector. They have leveraged these contacts to provide us some top recruits and have willingly participated in important customer events, which have helped us establish our industry connections. More than a vendor, Document Boss has become a partner with Doxim.”
Chris Rasmussen, President and CEO


“Document Boss has become the go-to resource for M&A Services for international companies in the ECM, BPM and BPO space.  Their global contacts and industry knowledge help companies grow revenue and profits and their Boss News delivers industry information in a timely and useful manner. I would recommend them highly to any company considering selling or buying companies in this sector.”
Frank Wasti, Business Development