Boss Equity | Unlocking greater equity value in your software technology business.

We are International Strategic M&A Advisors for the software sector

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Unlocking GREATER Equity Value

     in Your Software Business

What does that mean?


Because we’re interested in helping software companies throughout their entire lifecycle, we have created a new class of M&A business.

We partner closely with your executive team - over months or sometimes, years - to add value in your business, leading up to a company sale.

Simply put, we’re invested in your long-term success.

Do any of the following challenges resonate with you?

  • You require additional funding to grow – but aren’t sure how to access it?
  • You need access to first-class strategic advice – but it’s too costly
  • You’re finding it difficult to cut through all the ‘noise’ and find a tailored plan that takes your company to the next level of growth
  • You’re unfamiliar with the acquisition process, so you avoid it, even though it could mean accelerated growth and additional value for your company


The way we see it, whether you’re thinking of selling your software tech business now, or at some time in the future, once it’s increased in value, you really only have three choices:

  1. You sell it
  2. You give it away
  3. It fails

It’s that simple.

Your solution:

  • Work with us long or short term to create greater value in your business - We facilitate your value-building journey & travel with you.
  • Access our strategic mentoring service and we will guide you through the myriad choices, helping you avoid the pitfalls and unlock greater success during the entire lifecycle of your software business.
  • Learn, in practical, micro-steps, the methodology, process & focus to help you break through your glass ceiling for rapid growth – We mentor you every step of the way.
  • Allow us to simplify and de-risk the entire process, using a proven system for success.
  • Be assured of your success via our accumulated wisdom built on decades of experience successfully owning, running and selling software tech businesses.


See how it works


Module 1 Competitive Space

Accurately assess your current positioning and sales messages in relation to the market, your competitors and your ambitions for your business.

Module 2 Marketing Fuel

How you present yourself in the marketplace influences investor perception. Validate your differentiation to ensure clear and consistent positioning.

Module 3 Sales Engine

Ensure that the practices around your sales activity are an asset, driving sustainable growth.

Module 4Management Drivers

Evaluate the effectiveness of the processes used by your management team to drive the direction and pace of your business.

Module 5 Exit

Your Exit Strategy is a critical component of your business plan and needs to be in place from the outset to give you options and ensure alignment with shareholder expectations.

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